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Coffee Warming Plates and Coffee Pot Warmers

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Perfect for your 2nd pot of coffee, use these electric coffee pot warmers to serve more coffee to your thirsty patrons. Great for serving coffee somewhere other than where your coffee brewer sits. Simply plug in the warmer and place the coffee pot on the warming plate to keep your coffee hot and ready-to-drink.

Bunn WX1 Coffee Pot Warmer [06450.0004]
Bunn WX1 coffee pot warmer, 1 warmer design.
Price: $68.00
(1 reviews)
Bunn WX2 Double Coffee Pot Warmer [06310.0004]
Bunn WX2 coffee pot warmer, 2 warmer side by side design.
Price: $90.00
Bunn WL2 Coffee Pot Warmer
Bunn WL2 dual coffee pot warmer, 2 warmer step up design.
Price: $172.00
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