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Freshly brewed coffee and tea tastes so much better when you keep your coffee pots, airpots, thermal servers, tea dispensers, and filter baskets sparkling clean. Our safe, effective, concentrated liquid cleaners, easy-to-use cleaning brushes, and other coffee machine cleaning products make cleaning a breeze.

Tabz Coffee Equipment Cleaning Tablets - Canister (120 Tablets)
Tabz coffee equipment cleaning tablets by Urnex. Simply place one Tabz cleaning tablet in your brewer's filter basket and brew. Cleans brew funnel and coffee vessel at the same time. Each canister contains 120 large cleaning tablets.
Price: $14.49
Cleancaf Home Brewer Cleaner  Packets - Retail 3-Pack
Urnex Cleancaf cleaner for home. Cleans the heating element and insides of coffee makers, brewers, and home espresso machines. Removes coffee oils and dissolves mineral deposits. Attractive retail box of 3 packets.
Price: $5.99
Dezcal Activated Scale Remover - 1oz Packets
Urnex Dezcal Activated Scale Remover, a fast and effective way to remove hard water deposits from boilers and heating elements. Convenient 1oz packets, available in 10 packs and cases of 100 Dezcal packets.
Price: $6.49
(1 reviews)
Clearly Coffee Powdered Coffee Pot Cleaner - 0.25oz Packets
Urnex Clearly Coffee cleaner for airpots, decanters, thermal servers, carafes and coffee pots. This coffee pot cleaner mixes with warm water to create a very effective cleaning solution that eats away coffee and tea residues. One packet cleans up to 3 normal glass coffee pots. Convenient 0.25oz packets.
Price: $5.99
(1 reviews)
Grindz Coffee Grinder Cleaner - 430g Canister
Grindz coffee grinder cleaner by Urnex. Special bean shaped cleaning pellets quickly and easily clean burr and mill coffee grinders. Each canister contains 430g of Grindz, enough for about 10 to 12 uses.
Price: $23.99
(3 reviews)
Cafiza Espresso Machine Powdered Cleaner - 20oz Canister
Cafiza espresso machine and espresso brewer cleaner by Urnex. Quick-dissolving powder cleans espresso equipment with backflush capability. Perfect for cleaning commercial espresso makers to remove residue from group heads, valves, and lines. Each canister contains 20oz of Cafiza powder.
Price: $11.95
(1 reviews)
Rinza Milk Frother Cleaner - Liquid - 32oz Bottle
Urnex Rinza Milk Frother cleaner, 32oz bottle of liquid Rinza. This milk frother cleaner is specially formulated to clean and remove milk proteins and other unsavory deposits known to clog milk frothers.
Price: $25.99
UB300 Decanter Cleaning Brush - 10 Inch (curved)
10.5 inch curved glass bowl brush, curved decanter brushes for cleaning glass coffee pots. Curved design contours to reach the interior of glass coffee bowls.
Price: $8.95
UB100 Urn Cleaning Brush - 22 Inch (angled)
22 inch coffee urn brush, fast, convenient cleaning brushes for scrubbing coffee and tea urns. 90 degree brush head for hard to brush areas.
Price: $8.95
Dezcal Home Coffee Maker Scale Remover Packets - Retail 4-Pack
Urnex Dezcal Activated Scale Remover, a fast and effective way to remove hard water deposits from boilers and heating elements. Retail box of 4 x 1oz packets of deliming powder. Non-toxic.
Price: $4.95
UB400 Sight Gauge Brush - 24 Inch
24 inch sight gauge brush, thin 5/8 inch diameter brush for brushing the inside of sight gauges, site gage brush helps keep your sight gage sparkling clean.
Price: $5.99
UB500 Sight Gauge Brush - 12 Inch Length - 1/2 Inch Bristle Diameter
Urnex 12 inch sight gauge brush keeps your clear sight gauge (on servers, certain coffee brewers) sparkling clean! 1/2-in. diameter bristles.
Price: $3.95

Professional-grade coffee cleaning supplies for coffee and tea brewing equipment.

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