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Sqwincher Powder Pack - Fruit Punch - 47.66oz Package (Makes 5 Gallons)

Sqwincher Powder Pack - Fruit Punch - 47.66oz Package (Makes 5 Gallons)

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Fruit Punch powdered mix, ready to mix with 5 gallons of water
Rehydrates to increase productivity during a hard day's work
Contains electrolytes that stop heat-stress before it starts
Great taste that will keep your employees revved up for more

No Caffeine. Low Sodium. Non-Carbonated. Contains No Fruit Juice.
Sqwincher Powder Pack - 47.66oz (Makes 5 Gallons) - Fruit Punch

Sqwincher has served industrial workers since 1975. It is the only electrolyte replacement drink specially created for the high heat-stress environment of the workplace. What's more, Sqwincher has a solid track record of successes directed against heat stress among industrial workers. Many workers say they like the taste of Sqwincher better than other popular sports drinks. Because of this they are more likely to use Sqwincher on a regular basis. Which in turn will help to protect themselves and your company against heat stress injury or accidents.*

Ideal for industrial workers and other outdoor activities under high heat-stress conditions
Sqwincher 5 Gallon Powder Pack has convenient packaging for easy use on the go
Designed to have a better taste than other leading electrolyte replacement drinks
Comes in a variety of flavors that will keep your employees coming back for more

Each package = 47.66oz powdered mix (yields 5 gallons)
Each case = 16 packages

Simply add Sqwincher Powder Pack to 5 gallons of water and enjoy at work or play

Usually ships within 24 hours

Brand: Sqwincher
Mfg Part Num:
UPC Code: 075880088318
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