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We want you to be 100% fully and completely satisfied when you do business with us. Whether you are a first-time customer, or a loyal long-time customer, we want you to order from us with confidence. It is a good idea to understand the return policies for the items you are ordering before placing your order. Please note that different items have different return policies and procedures. Learn about returning other types of items.

Undeliverable Packages & Unauthorized Returns

Due to changes in shipper policies (UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.), you will be charged a "return shipping fee" if your package is returned to us for any reason, such as:

You provide us with an incorrect or incomplete shipping address.

You refuse to accept a package when it is delivered to you.

You are not present to sign for a package delivered to you.

You change your mind about an order after you place it with us.

We recommend the following to avoid a "return shipping fee" charged to your account:

Provide an accurate, complete shipping address.

Check your order carefully before you submit it to us.

Make arrangements to sign for your package when it is delivered to you.

Do not refuse a shipment when it is delivered to you.

Before returning merchandise to us, contact us to obtain a valid RA#.

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