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Because we are an authorized dealer for Bunn, Bloomfield, Grindmaster and others, we offer an extensive selection of repair parts for your beverage equipment. Please note that most commercial coffee maker parts listed in this section should be installed by a qualified technician, as they require disassembly of the machine to remove and install the part.

If you don't see the part you need listed, please contact us, and be sure to have your brand, model number and serial number handy so that we can help you identify the correct part.

Bunn Home On/Off Warmer Control Switch (Lighted) - 20316.0001
Bunn parts - Bunn on/off warmer control switch for home coffee makers. Bunn on/off, lighted, front-mounted warmer switch for Bunnomatic home coffeemakers.
Price: $12.95
(88 reviews)
Bunn Brew Start Switch - Momentary - 120V - 01063.0000
Bunn parts - Bunn brew start switch, automatic brew switch starts brewing cycle when brew start switch button is pressed.
Price: $7.50
(1 reviews)
Bunn On/Off Switch for WX1, WX2 and Older VPR/VPS Brewers - 04225.0002
Bunn 04225.0002 on/off switch for older commercial coffee makers and coffee pot warmers.
Price: $6.99
(1 reviews)
Bunn Lighted Warmer Switch (for Newer VPR/VPS) -- 33213.0000
Bunn part number 33213.0000. Lighted on/off warmer switch for newer Bunn VPR and VPS models.
Price: $11.99
(2 reviews)
Bunn Commercial Switch, 120V, Lighted Red On/Off - 12920.0000
Bunn lighted switch, red on/off (P/N Bunn 12920.0000). Fits most CW and VP17 series brewer. Does not fit home models.
Price: $9.95
Grindmaster 88057 Grind Stop Switch
Grindmaster parts - stop switch for Grindmaster coffee grinders.
Price: $22.83
Bunn 20211.0100 | Thermal Safety Fuse (Commercial Brewers)
Replacement safety thermal fuse and lead wire that connects the tank heater to the thermostat on many Bunn commercial brewers.
Price: $14.95
Grindmaster 88056 Start Switch (for 875)
Grindmaster parts rectangular, lighted start switch for Grindmaster 875 series coffee grinders.
Price: $22.83
Bunn on/off switch, amber 120V -- 02753.0000
Bunn 02753.0000 On/Off switch with amber indicator light for most Bunn satellite brewers (Single, Dual) and RWS1 warmers. 120 volt.
Price: $16.50
American Metal Ware Stop Rocker Switch
American Metal Ware parts - rocker-style stop switch stops a brewing cycle on American Metal Ware, Grindmaster, Columbia, Crathco coffee brewers.
Price: $12.00
Grindmaster 70445 Start Switch (for 115, 250, 835)
Grindmaster parts rectangular, non-lighted start switch for Grindmaster 115, 250, 835 series coffee grinders.
Price: $7.95
Grindmaster 70449 Rocker Switch (for 835 grinder)
Grindmaster parts - rocker switch for Grindmaster coffee grinders.
Price: $16.00
Grindmaster American Metal Ware Start Rocker Switch [A531-062]
American Metal Ware parts - brew start switch, rocker-style switch starts a brewing cycle when activated.
Price: $7.95
Grindmaster 86075 Selector Switch (for 100, 115, 190SS, 250)
Grindmaster parts - selector switch for Grindmaster coffee grinders.
Price: $14.69
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