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Because we are an authorized dealer for Bunn, Bloomfield, Grindmaster and others, we offer an extensive selection of repair parts for your beverage equipment. Please note that most commercial coffee maker parts listed in this section should be installed by a qualified technician, as they require disassembly of the machine to remove and install the part.

If you don't see the part you need listed, please contact us, and be sure to have your brand, model number and serial number handy so that we can help you identify the correct part.

Bunn Deliming Spring and Sprayhead Kit - Commercial
Bunn commercial deliming spring and sprayhead kit. Includes cleaning spring and spray head for Bunn commercial coffee makers.
Price: $16.75
(6 reviews)
Bunn Limit Thermostat, 29329.1000
Bunn parts - Bunn limit thermostat, high limit thermostat, protects electrical circuitry like a surge protector or fuse.
Price: $6.89
(4 reviews)
Bunn Faucet Seat Cup for CW Series - Black - 13056.0000
Bunn parts - Bunn silicone seat cups fit inside bunn-o-matic hot water faucets and helps prevent water leaks when the water faucet handle is not depressed.
Price: $6.49
(1 reviews)
Bunn Red Indicator Light for WX1, WX2 and Older VPR/VPS Models -- 04226.0002
Bunn parts - Bunn red light lens lamp, Bunn-o-matic red light lens, black decor. For WX1, WX2 (and old versions of VPR and VPS).
Price: $7.75
(1 reviews)
Bunn Thermostat Kit (202 F) - 28319.0000
Bunn parts - Bunn-o-matic thermostat kit, thermostat body and temperature probe includes mounting screws.
Price: $52.88
(2 reviews)
Bunn Brew Start Switch - Momentary - 120V - 01063.0000
Bunn parts - Bunn brew start switch, automatic brew switch starts brewing cycle when brew start switch button is pressed.
Price: $7.50
(1 reviews)
Bunn Solenoid Valve, 120V (KIP) -- 01085.0002
Bunn parts - complete solenoid valve for Bunn automatic coffee brewers and automatic beverage equipment, solenoid valve controls water inlet flow when brewing.
Price: $42.50
(1 reviews)
Bunn Pour-In Lid Assembly (Cover) - 02564.0000 / 02564.0002
Bunn parts - Bunn stainless steel lid assembly with black knob, used to cover the water hole where you pour water in for pourover brewers and hot water machines.
Price: $8.50
(4 reviews)
Bunn Sprayhead and Seal Kit for My Cafe MCP/MCA - 37521.0000
Replacement sprayhead and seal gasket for Bunn commercial soft coffee pod brewers. Fits Bunn MCA and MCP only.
Price: $14.99
(1 reviews)
Bunn Hot Water Faucet - 12915.0000
Bunn parts - Bunn hot water faucet assembly for bunn-o-matic coffee makers, coffee brewers, hot water machines. Hot water faucet assembly for Bunn coffee equipment.
Price: $58.50
Bunn On/Off Switch for WX1, WX2 and Older VPR/VPS Brewers - 04225.0002
Bunn 04225.0002 on/off switch for older commercial coffee makers and coffee pot warmers.
Price: $6.99
(1 reviews)
Bunn tank inlet gasket -- 01201.0000
Bunn 01201.000 tank inlet gasket for Bunn commercial equipment. Does not fit home brewers.
Price: $4.50
Grindmaster 85281WK Grinding Burrs for 100, 115, 190SS, 250, 810, 835, 875
Grindmaster parts - replacement grinding burrs and grind burr set, hardened steel grinding plates. Fits models 100, 115, 190SS, 250, 810, 835, 875.
Price: $209.88
Bunn Preventive Maintenance Kit (for Bunn Ultra Gourmet Ice Systems) - 34245.0000
Maintenance kit for Ultra-2 frozen drink gourmet ice machines. Includes seals, lube, lamps, bushings, and a seal insertion tool. Recommended for preventative maintenance every 6 months.
Price: $54.95
Grindmaster Shear Disc for Grinders - 86123
Grindmaster parts - coffee grinder parts, shear disc for Grindmaster coffee grinders.
Price: $1.35
Bunn Grinding Burr Set Kit (Standard Grind) for G1/G2/G3/G9T/FPG -- 05861.1002
Bunn burr set, kit -- 05861.1002
Price: $189.99
(1 reviews)
Bunn Hot Water Faucet Kit - 02596.1009 (old part # 02596.1000)
Bunn parts - Bunn-o-matic complete hot water faucet assembly. Bunn hot water faucet kit includes mounting hardware and Loctite thread sealant.
Price: $51.50
(1 reviews)
Bunn Ready-to-Brew Light
Bunn parts - Bunn ready to brew light kit with green lens. Bunnomatic ready to brew green ligt kit includes mounting hardware and lead wires.
Price: $22.65
(2 reviews)
Bunn Liqui-Box QCD II liquid coffee connector, BIB adapter kit, 35055.1000
Bunn liquid coffee connector kit -- each -- Liqui-Box QCD II -- 35055.0000
Price: $34.80
Bunn Seat Cup for Hot Water Faucets - 02766.0000
Bunn 02766.0000 silicone seat cups fit inside bunn-o-matic hot water faucets and helps prevent water leaks when the water faucet handle is not depressed.
Price: $4.99
(1 reviews)
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