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Starbucks Coffee - DECAF Pike Place Roast - 2.5oz Pillow Pack - 18ct Box
Decaffeinated and roasted by Starbucks' award winning roastmasters. This is the decaf version of Pike Place Roast, the coffee found every day in Starbucks stores. Rich and medium-bodied, smooth, good balance. 2.5oz frac packs.
Price: $53.89
All Day Gourmet Coffee - Classic American Roast DECAF - 1.75oz Pillow Packs
All Day Gourmet Coffee, prepackaged ground coffee in pillow packs. Premium quality Arabica coffees in gourmet coffee packaging. Classic American Roast coffee is roasted just long enough to preserve smoothness and control acidity. Decaffeinated.
Price: $38.95
(5 reviews)
Folgers Coffee - Classic Roast DECAF - 0.9oz Vackets - 42ct Cinch Bag
Folgers Coffee, perfect for convenience stores or office coffee. Folgers Classic / Ultra Roast Decaf Vackets economy pack of 42 vackets.
Price: $25.75
Seattle's Best Decaf Portion Packs, 1.75 oz. 42 Count
42 Count - Seattle's Best Decaf offers unparalleled taste without the caffeine, taking pride in their ability to create decaffeinated coffees with bold flavor and a smooth finish.
Price: $66.35
Donut Shop Blend™ Coffee - 2oz Pillow Packs - DECAF - 42 count box
Donut Shop Decaf Blend Original Roast - decaf verson of our medium roast coffee. Smooth and balanced coffee.
Price: $44.95
Folgers Coffee - Classic Roast DECAF - 42/1.50oz Pillow Pack
98% Caffeine Free - Folgers Classic Roast Coffee (Decaf), is perfect for convenience stores or office coffee. Simply pour the contents of one pillow pack into a filter to brew 10-12 cups. 42 x 1.5oz fractional packs per box.
Price: $34.95
(1 reviews)
Douwe Egberts Coffee - Classic Blend DECAF Match by All Day Gourmet - 40 Pillow Pack
Douwe Egberts Classic Blend Decaf exact match coffee by All Day Gourmet, portion pack coffee, pillow pack open brew coffee, premeasured, pre-ground. Box of 40 decaf coffee packs.
Price: $34.76
Seattle's Best Coffee - Level 3 DECAF - 2oz Pillow Pack - 18ct Box
Seattle's Best coffee by Starbucks, Seattle's Best Level Three (Level 3) Decaf gound coffee in pre-measured, pre-ground, pre-portioned pillow packs. Enjoy Seattle's Best Blend decaffeinated ground coffee in 2.0oz pillow packs. Box of 18 packets. Decaf. Available in individual and case quantities
Price: $34.34

Just about anywhere a full pot of coffee gets brewed is a great place to use a Pillow Pack. Pillow Packs are a pre-measured and individual "pot of coffee", so every pot you brew will taste as good as the last time. Your customers will thank you for the consistent flavor, and your "baristas" will thank you for the simplicity.

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