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Grindmaster Kit -- Burr Set for 865 / 890 -- 86430

Grindmaster Kit -- Burr Set for 865 / 890 -- 86430

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-Grindmaster Kit -- Burr Set for 865 / 890 -- 86430
-Set of two (2) grinding burrs

Grindmaster Replacement Burr Kit for 865 and 890 Grinders

NOTE: Please refer to your owner's manual to identify the correct replacement burr kit for your model. This burr set does NOT fit all models.

The grinding burrs are made of an extremely hard and wear resistant alloy. From time to time grind adjustments (see Grind Adjustment section in this manual) may be necessary as the burrs wear. If the grind runs coarser than expected after normal adjustment and the grind time has increased, the burrs may have excess wear and should be replaced. New burrs should always be installed as a pair, never one or the other, as they are accu-rately ground and lapped in pairs.

Grind Adjustment (for 800 series grinders)
Tools required: Large blade and medium Phillips head screwdrivers

In order to adjust the grind, follow these steps
1. Remove all coffee from the hopper.
2. Set selector knob to the finest setting (Espresso or Turkish) depending on the model.
3. Loosen both knob retainer screws in selector knob one turn only.
4. While pressing the bag switch, located behind the spout, press the START button so that the grinder will run during adjustment. 5. With the grinder still running, turn the adjusting screw in the center of the selector knob slowly to the right until a slight clicking noise is heard. Immediately turn the adjusting screw to the left one grind setting. This is the finest grind obtainable.> 6. Tighten both of the knob retainer screws. Once the ESPRESSO grind has been set (Turkish for Model 835, 875, 890), the other grind settings will automatically set correctly.
7. Press the STOP or OFF button.

IMPORTANT: Always be sure the grinding burrs are not touching while the machine is running on the ESPRESSO/TURKISH setting. Otherwise serious damage to the motor may result.
Usually ships in 1 to 2 business days.

Brand: Grindmaster
Mfg Part Num: 86430
UPC Code:
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