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Bloomfield Ready-to-Brew Light (8718-31 / 2J-72671)

Bloomfield Ready-to-Brew Light (8718-31 / 2J-72671)

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Indicates that your brewer is ready to begin brewing
Easy-to-see green light
Genuine Bloomfield OEM replacement part
Bloomfield Ready-to-Brew Light

Parts Quick Reference Guide
Manufacturer: Bloomfield
Mfg Number: 8718-31
Mfg Description: Light Pilot Green 125V
Fits Models: 8512 through 8574, 8751, 8752, 9010 through 9017, 9102A, 9104A, 8356BLT, 8742, 8746, 8781A,
Notes: Green ready-to-brew light.

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Online Parts Documentation
To help you make the correct decision when ordering Bloomfield parts, be sure to check out the Illustrated Parts Diagram for your particular model before you place your order.

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Brand: Bloomfield
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