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Java One Coffee Pods - Gourmet DECAF (Colombian) - 84 Pods
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Java One Coffee Pods - Gourmet DECAF (Colombian) - 84 Pods

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Rich and nutty decaffeinated Colombian blend coffee
Specially roasted and precision ground gourmet coffees
Designed exclusively for use with single cup coffee makers
14 individually-wrapped pods per box. 6 boxes per case.
Java One - Gourmet Decaf Single Cup Coffee Pods
Enjoy freshly brewed gourmet coffee anytime you'd like. Java One starts with premium Arabica coffees and carefully roasts each bean using the patented convection roasting method.

Ground, measured, and sealed in individual coffee pod packs for maximum freshness. From the coffee plantation to your mug, Java One is a delightful cup of coffee every time. Each pod contains 9 grams of coffee, perfect for use in the vast majority of coffee pod brewers.

Wide selection of specially roasted and precision ground gourmet coffees
Pods are simple & easy to use - unwrap, brew, and enjoy
Single cup brewing is more convenient with less coffee waste

Carry your favorite coffee pods with you wherever you go
Pods maintain their shape and freshness for up to 15 months

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Each coffee pod makes one cup of superb gourmet coffee
Each pod is individually wrapped and sealed for maximum freshness
Box = 14 coffee pods
Case = 6 boxes

Java One coffee pods are compatible most Single Cup pod brewers, including:
   AquaBrew Cafejo
   Bunn AutoPOD - Automatic Pod Brewer
   Bunn MC - My Cafe Pod Brewer for Home
   Bunn MCA - My Cafe Automatic
   Bunn MCP - My Cafe Pourover
   Grindmaster GPOD - Home Pod Brewer
   Hamilton Beach Pod Brewer - Black
   Hamilton Beach Pod Brewer - Stainless

Java One Single Serve Pod Coffees
Light Roast Coffee Pods
Breakfast Blend
Kona Blend

Medium Roast Coffee Pods
100% Colombian
Costa Rican
House Blend

Dark Roast Coffee Pods
French Roast
Rainforest Alliance French Roast
Java One Coffee Pods, Single Cup Coffee, Single Coffee Packs
Flavored Coffee Pods
French Vanilla
Hazelnut Creme

Decaffeinated Coffee Pods
Gourmet Decaf
Rainforest Alliance French Roast Decaf

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Brand: Java One
Mfg Part Num:
UPC Code: 766047302100

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Verified Reviewer (Danvers, MA)
2012-02-28 23:00:00
You HAVE to try this!
I bought this coffee so I could have a cup after dinner, as caffeine bothers me at night. I bought one package of this and it is just delicious and no after-effects! I'm so thrilled that I can enjoy a great cup of coffee without the jittery legs at night! Thank you!
Anonymous (Escondido, CA)
2012-12-23 23:00:00
Decaf Satisfaction
Throughout the day. Always fresh plus great taste.
Mike English
2017-12-05 07:37:44
grate tast
This coffee has a good to it
Anonymous (east brunswick, nj)
2012-08-03 23:00:00
decaf coffee
my major complaint is that I normally drink a mug of coffee and have to make 2 cups to be satisfied
Verified Reviewer (Atlanta area)
2012-12-05 23:00:00
Don't miss this DECAF
We found this pod Decaf while traveling last summer and found it much more enjoyable that the several grinds that we had been using. As soon as we arrived home we searched and found a pod machine which Bed,Bath and Beyond ordered for us on a "full return if not satisfied" basis - we had read so many bad reviews on pod machines that we were a bit gunshy. Turned out to be great and we now are enjoying our Java Gourmet DECAF daily
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