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Bunn LCA-2 Ambient Liquid Coffee Dispenser (Scholle Connector, 1/8" tube)

Bunn LCA-2 Ambient Liquid Coffee Dispenser (Scholle Connector, 1/8" tube)

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Liquid coffee is a quick, economical, quality coffee solution
Dispenses hot coffee on demand, directly into cups or carafes
Use with ambient temperature bag-in-box concentrates
Perfect for hotels, conventions, busy break rooms, and more...

Comes with Scholle connectors and 1/8-inch tubing

Bunn 34400.0001 LCA-2 Liquid Coffee Dispenser (Scholle)

Designed to serve higher volumes of coffee faster - without sacrificing quality
This machine eliminates waste and helps you keep up with your coffee demand
Ideal for hotels, busy break rooms, larger meetings, and conventions

Mixes hot water with coffee concentrate for fresh coffee on demand
Use this machine for serving ambient-temperature (not refrigerated) products
Accommodates all ½ gallon and most 1 gallon bag-in-box coffee containers
This model uses convenient Scholle connectors

Sharp-looking modern stainless steel designs deliver years of dependable service
Dual faucets let you serve two different coffees at the same time
Narrow space-saving design is just 12" wide

Insulated product cabinet helps keep your concentrate fresher longer
LED lights tell you when to refill your concentrate and when to rinse the machine
FlavorGard™ technology maintains an exact product-to-water ratio for consistency

Electrical configuration is easily converted from 120V to 208/240V when required
120V / 15 amp = Dispenses over 125 cups per hour
240V / 30 amp = Dispenses over 500 cups per hour

This model LCA-2 uses a 3/8" water line hookup
Dispenses coffee at 1.8 oz per second (adjustable) when faucet handle is pressed
Stops dispensing coffee when faucet handle is released

Recommended - professional commercial quality water filtration system
   We recommend the Bunn EQHP-10L water filter system for use with this brewer.

Usually ships within 24 hours

Brand: BUNN
Mfg Part Num: 34400.0001
UPC Code:
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