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Coffee USA American Brew

Coffee USA American Brew

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Naturally bright and smooth with a balanced finish. Our roastmaster combines beans from Guatemala, Costa Rica and colombian to make this famous coffee. 12 oz. bag of coffee. Coffee USA American Brew coffee is served at the finest restaurants, hotels and food service institutions and available for retail sale in grocery stores around the country. Order a sample at no charge. Just pay the shipping.
A blend of medium and dark roasted Central American coffees. Enticing luxurious aroma. The flavor is sweet with a nutty aroma. A very balanced and full bodied coffee. What makes this a very good coffee is the marrying effect of the sweetness from medium roasted coffees from Panama and Guatemala and the rich, slightly chocolate-like character of the dark roasted Costa Rica, Guatemala and Colombian.
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2017-12-19 13:51:15
Love this stuff. ish shipping were a bit cheaper but overall pleased.
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