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Sugar Canister 20oz

Sugar Canister 20oz

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Sugar Canister

20 Ounce Sugar Canister. Perfect for home, restaurant, convenience store, or cafe. Sturdy canister construction ensures durability and easy use. Purchase by the case for additional savings.
  • Closable Easy Pour Lid
  • Large 20 Oz Canister
  • Sturdy Bottom For Durability
Reduce waste from individual sugar packets, and stock your kitchen with this 20 oz. with our OCS sugar canister for all of your sweetening needs!

Use it any time you want to add an extra pinch of sweetness to your coffees, teas, breakfast cereals, fresh fruit, and more. This easy-to-use canister features a flip-open lid that helps pour a smooth and even amount of sugar for each use. The lid snaps shut for a tight seal after use, keeping your sugar fresh and dry for your next recipe. In addition to preserving a fresh-tasting sugar, the canister provides a more sanitary alternative to open sugar bowls!

This 20 oz. canister makes a perfect addition to any self-serve coffee station in your lobby, reception area, hotel breakfast bar, or employee break room. It eliminates the need to clean sugar pourers and restock sugar packets! The granulated sugar in this sugar canister provides a simply sweet taste that your customers are looking for to top off their dishes and drinks!

Choose from bulk sugar, bulk creamer, disposable coffee cups and lids, stir sticks and a Cuisinart Coffee Maker. Buy your office coffee supplies online today, eliminating the middle-man and delivered directly to your door.

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UPC Code: 82793
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