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Dart Fusion 20 oz Cups

Dart Fusion 20 oz Cups

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Dart 20U16ESC | 20oz Fusion Cups

100 count or 500 count cups per case

Fusion cups by Dart feature ThermoThin™ compressed foam insulation technology. The foam core of the cup is then wrapped with a high resolution, full color graphic. The Fusion Escape is the "stock print" version: an attractive option for those who do not want to invest in custom graphics.

The culmination of the insulating performance and appearance make Dart Fusion one of the best cold or hot-cup choices on the market. Increase customer satisfaction and enhance your business image with the quality Fusion cups with Stock Escape print.

  • 100 count or 500 count Fusion Escape Cups Per Case
  • Foam cup with high quality graphic wrap
  • Keeps hot drinks hotter, longer
  • Also keeps cold drinks cold, with no soak-through!

  • Accepts 16oz Sized Dart Fusion Lids
  • Top Diameter: 3.7"
  • Bottom Diameter: 2.4"
  • Height: 4.9"
Dart Fusion 20 oz Cups
Attractive coffee-themed design
Insulated lets you carry hot drinks comfortably without using a sleeve.
Molded lip that provides a secure lid fit
Usually ships within 24 hours

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