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Miss Ellie's Decaf Cafe Whole Bean 10 lbs

Miss Ellie's Decaf Cafe Whole Bean 10 lbs

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ME2DCASE | 140810

Miss Ellie's Cafe Blend Whole Bean Two 5 pound bags per Case.
A smooth Decaf coffee, aromatic blend made from 100% Arabica beans.
Each batch is hand washed and roasted to perfection with a medium body.
Two Five pound packages of Miss Ellie's Cafe Blend Decaffeinated Whole
Each order is roasted to order. We want our customers to experience a doo decaf coffee at its peak drinkability just a few days after being roasted to perfection.

The best whole bean coffee. Treat yourself to the delightful cup of after dinner coffee without the caffeine. Slow-roasted and perfectly flavored while still warm - with all natural and nature-equivalent flavorings - for a smooth, satisfying cup every time.

All Day Gourmet® Coffee - Decaffeinated
Two 5 Pound Bags in one case, Medium-Light Roast
This coffee is Roasted Fresh - see our Fresh Roast Coffee Decaf Beans Shipping Cycle

All Day Gourmet Shipping Info

Quick Description: A clean, crisp and smooth Decaf Cafe blend, a cordial taste with a lively aroma. Two 5 lb bags of decaf in one case.

Mfg Part Num:
UPC Code: 140810
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