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Miss Ellie's Unsweet Concentrate Tea BIB

Miss Ellie's Unsweet Concentrate Tea BIB

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Miss Ellie's Classic Unsweet Concentrate Tea

Miss Ellie's Classic Unsweet Ice Brewed Tea is the choice of tea lovers around the world. Our signature blend starts with premium teas custom selected from around the world and blended into one fine tea. Guaranteed to quench your thirst. 5 to 1 mix makes 18 gallons!
  • Classic Unsweet Tea
  • Delicious and Refreshing
  • Concentrate Box 5+1
  • Makes 18 gallons

Bag-in-the-Box When demand is high and time is short, serving fresh brewed iced tea may be impossible. Liquid tea concentrates deliver the portability and simple preparation you need to serve customers on a large scale. Liquid Concentrate Bottles Our liquid tea concentrate can also be used in single serve applications when demand is inconsistent but you want to provide your customers with the choice and quality they have come to expect from you. Both high-volume and single-serve applications can be prepared hot or iced, providing you with convenience, cost savings and efficiency over traditional brewed tea.

Brand: Miss Ellie's
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