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Miss Ellie's French Vanilla Cappuccino - 6 / 2lb Bags / Case

Miss Ellie's French Vanilla Cappuccino - 6 / 2lb Bags / Case

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French Vanilla Cappuccino Mix - (6) 2 lb. Bags / Case - 6 to a Case

Miss Ellie's French Vanilla Cappuccino is made with the highest quality ingredients to guarantee superb taste and will have customers coming back for more. Blended with 100% Colombian coffee, creamer and non-fat milk, our cappuccino has a superior flavor and works with all types of hot beverage equipment.
  • Miss Ellie's French Vanilla Cappuccino is blended with 100% Colombian coffee
  • Excellent taste, pleasant aroma & an abundance of froth with sweet flavor
  • Used in Convenience Stores for cappuccino and hot cocoa dispensers
  • Mix with hot water for the perfect cappuccino drink
  • Bags contain 2 lbs. of instant cappuccino, 6 packs per Case
  • Each bag yields approximately 32 8 ounce cups of cappuccino

This French vanilla cappuccino mix comes with all the flavor and frothiness of decadent cafe drinks without all of the time and effort.

This easy-to-use mix delivers a consistent product each and every time. Simply follow the instructions on your machine to properly prepare. To make individual cups at home or during non-peak hours, just add three teaspoons of powdered mix to 8 fl. oz. of hot water and stir until dissolved. Each 2 lb. bag of mix yields approximately (29) 8 oz. cups of cappuccino. Serve it alone, or use it to complement sweet desserts or breakfast pastries - no matter what you choose, this French vanilla mix will produce a cappuccino that is packed with flavor.

Bring your guests in from the cold with the classic, sweet flavor of French vanilla cappuccino! When mixed with hot water, this drink powder produces a superb, smooth consistency for a delightful cappuccino drink that your patrons will love. With a richer and deeper flavor profile than plain vanilla, this warm beverage features a bold and enticingly sweet, slightly caramelized flavor. Top off the finished beverage with whipped cream and cinnamon or other spices for an extra special treat. The perfect addition to any establishment, this cappuccino mix is sure to please patrons at your coffee shop, restaurant, concession stand, convenience store, waiting room, or lobby. Easy to make and great tasting, this French vanilla cappuccino mix allows your patrons to enjoy their cold-weather favorites in any season!

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2017-12-05 13:58:15
I love Cappuccino
This is an amazing product. I buy it all the time and it is definately a family favorite
Coffee Joe
2017-12-05 09:15:13
I love this to mix at home
After getting this cappuccino at a local car lot I ventured out to find how to make this at home. This is perfect!! I get a few bags and pour them into a canister, boil some water and put two tablespoons of powder in it and stir. DELICIOUS! Sometime I mix some in with my coffee to for a sweet flavor.
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