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The best reason why you should own a third wave "Native American Coffee" franchise:

We are not just in the coffee business We care about your success.
Native Americans serving Native America

Third Wave
Native American Coffee Franchise

Third Wave Fair Trade Coffee Shops give back to the community. They continue to expand across the country, providing a number of opportunities to get you involved. Many people want to know where their coffee is coming from, and fair trade allows for this to happen, creating more honest business for the sellers, growers and consumers. Owning a Native American Coffee franchise offers unique benefits that you will not find with other coffee franchises.

The Spirit of Third Wave Coffee – is because the movement considers itself being to Starbucks what Starbucks was to Folger's twenty five years ago. Companies like Native American Coffee, Miss Ellie's, All Day Gourmet, Stumptown, Craft Coffee, Black Rifle Coffee and Blue Bottle Coffee are changing the way the Millennial’s and coffee lovers drink coffee. The 'Third Wave' is clearly so good, you will truly appreciate the unique fresh roasted cup of coffee.

Native American entrepreneurs now have the opportunity to own an exclusive franchise serving Native American organic fair trade fresh roasted coffee. The Native American Coffee strategy for success is Native American owners to own a Third Wave Native American Coffee™ Shop™.

Partnering with Native American Coffee will help our effort to provide important resources for emerging Native American entrepreneurs, say's Bill McClure, CEO, Coffee USA.com. Our ultimate goal is to create hundreds of jobs and stimulate business entrepreneurs in our Native American communities.

Unlike nearly all other coffee franchises, we do not charge percentage-of-sales royalty or marketing fees. We earn our revenues from bulk sales of fresh roasted coffee and other supplies ordered from our franchised locations.

The Industry is growing every day with over 50,000 coffee shops nationwide.

Our mission is to partner with Native American Tribes and Citizens who want to be entrepreneurs and own their own coffee business.

How Native American Coffee works:, building a solid foundation for your coffee business to compete in todays specialty coffee environment is more important than ever. The Native American Coffee Team provides new business owners and entrepreneurs with many valuable tools and resources to open and grow your coffee sales, by expanding your customer base and business possibilities.

1. When you decide to partner with Native American Coffee, you are buying not only a brand, but the formula, equipment and systems that help your coffee shops succeed.

2. Unlike nearly all other franchises, we do not charge percentage-of-sales royalty or marketing fees.

4. You benefit from national, regional, and local marketing campaigns and realized brand equity with over 250,000 customers nationwide.

Travel Plazas and Convenience Stores – It’s true that people tend to consume foods that are readily available and many are choosing coffee alternatives. Tribal Governments are promoting healthier lifestyles and are looking for healthy options, in their hospitals, travel plazas, convenience stores, – at work and home as as well. ? Native American Coffee is platform that is completely geared toward fair trade organic coffee in and around Indian Country. Our menu and drinks that are both delicious and healthy. Products that can give anyone a surge of energy in the workplace, convenience store, casino, hospital — almost anywhere!

All Day Gourmet Iced Tea Native-American Coffee

Third Wave Coffee –Every 10-15 years, a major shift in public demand completely changes the face of the coffee industry ? creating a window of opportunity for those who capitalize on it.

The History of Third Wave. – A quick coffee history lesson for you: back in the 1960s, coffee consumption began to grow exponentially in a red can or a blue can in every household. For the first time, coffee became widely accessible. This marked the first wave of coffee. The second wave came with an increase in the quality of coffee readily available at Starbucks. They started running coffee shops as profitable businesses. Coffee started to become a luxury product rather a necessity.

The Third Wave of Coffee – The coffee industry has revolutionized again over the past 5 years. The movement to produce high-quality coffee, and consider coffee as an artisanal food, like chocolate or fine wine, rather than a commodity.

Healthy Alternative –So why not join the healthy Coffee Revolution? Native American Coffee is a way to provide a convenient, hassle-free way for consumers to get coffee drinks and caffeine when they want it.


Native American Coffee -Making Good Things Happen

Native American Coffee

Native American Coffee and Native American Tea

Assistance with Site Selection
Wholesale Product Pricing –
Recession Resistant Industry
Easy to Learn and Operate
Protected Territory
Construction Guidance and Menu System

To Franchise or NOT to Franchise

To franchise or not to franchise? It?s an important question to consider as you research opportunities. Franchising is a simple way to start a business for yourself. Some franchisees must pay hefty franchise and ongoing royalty fees. What if you could receive all of the benefits and support of a franchise WITHOUT paying high fees or royalties?

Native American Coffee offers you more than a franchise opportunity, minus the unnecessary franchise fees and restrictions.

This is your business: You are in control and you keep the money.