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Miss Ellies - Cafe Blend - 40 Count 1.75oz Filter Packs - AWARD WINNING COFFEE
Miss Ellies Coffee, prepackaged ground coffee in 1.75 oz filter packs. Premium quality Arabica coffees in gourmet coffee packaging. Cafe Blend Roast coffee is roasted just long enough to preserve smoothness and control acidity.
Regular Price: $37.49
Sale Price:$31.87
(8 reviews)
Miss Ellie's Breakfast Blend Filter Packs 42 Count
Start your morning, or kick-start your afternoon, with a cup of this lightly roasted and balanced brew. It’s an invigorating way to start your day. Sweet and smooth, it’s a full-flavored cup of sunshine.
Price: $54.74
(3 reviews)
Native American Creek Blend Filter Packs 56 Count
Native American Creek Blend cafe56 is a special coffee in a filter pack. Diners and restaurants, offices and hospitals like Native American Coffee's filter packs for ease of use and no mess.
Price: $44.49
(1 reviews)
Miss Ellie's Dark Blend Filter Pack Coffee 42 count
Every sip is enriched with a smooth bold flavor.This is the ideal solution for a fast paced environment. No mess.
Price: $54.74
(4 reviews)

If you make many pots of coffee every day, filter pack coffee may just save you some time. Each pack is first sealed in a filter bag and then secondly sealed in an individually wrapped bag. The result is a quick and consistent brew, since all you have to do is take the filter pack out of the foil pack and place it in the brewer. When done, cleanup is also a snap, since the coffee grounds stay right in the filter bag.

About Filter Packs

Filter pouches take the guesswork and hassle out of making a great pot of coffee. Note that most premeasured coffee packs are not individually wrapped (except 4-cup hotel packs). Instead, filter packs usually come in an inner pack containing two (All Day Gourmet) up to 10 (Folgers flavor filter). All the more reason to brew that 2nd pot!

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