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Bunn BX-B Home Coffee Maker - Black/Stainless (High Altitude)

Bunn BX-B Home Coffee Maker - Black/Stainless (High Altitude)

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Bunn BX-B Home Coffee Maker ("Classic", High Altitude Version)
High quality professional style coffee maker
Brews a full pot of coffee in less than 3 minutes
Includes one NCD 10 cup glass coffee pot
3 year warranty - black with stainless decor
Bunn BX-B HA Home Coffee Maker (High Altitude Version, 10 Cup)

Full Pot of Coffee in 3 Minutes Brews ten cups of perfect coffee in 3 minutes
High quality commercial style coffee maker for your home
Brews coffee to the exacting standards of fine restaurants worldwide

Original hot water reservoir-style coffee maker
Internal thermostat keeps water at ideal brewing temperature
Patented sprayhead design improves coffee flavor extraction
Use your Bunn coffee maker to brew iced tea also

Bunn Home Coffee Makers - 3 Year Warranty Built-in porcelain-coated decanter warming plate
Front-mounted, separately-controlled warmer switch
Handy On/Off vacation switch on left side also included
Durable plastic exterior with classic stainless steel trunk

Includes one NCD 10 cup glass coffee pot
Includes one deliming spring & sprayhead
Remember to get your coffee filters

Air Shipments ONLY - these coffee makers are Dimensional Weight Packages
Additional Air Shipping applies
Please contact us for your exact Air Shipping rate

Available Bunn BX Colors/Models

BX Black | BX White | BX Black High Altitude (Shown) | BX White High Altitude

BX Black Deluxe Coffee Combo | BX White Deluxe Coffee Combo

Manufacturer's Warranty:3 Years
Dimensions (H x W x D):14.25" x 7" x 13.75"
Box Includes:Coffee maker, Deliming Spring, Sprayhead, Glass Coffee Pot
Brewing Speed:3 minutes
Electrical:120 volts, 7.5 amps, 900 watts

High Altitude Version
For elevations of 5,000+ feet above sea level
This coffee maker has a special "high altitude" thermostat
Reason: Water boils at a lower temperature at high altitudes
This "high altitude" thermostat prevents your water from heating continuously

Usually ships within 24 hours

Brand: BUNN
Mfg Part Num: 38300.0039
UPC Code: 072504077871

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Verified Reviewer (Alabama)
2010-07-02 23:00:00
I am just replacing the Bunn coffee maker that I purchased in Jan 2000! I wasted hundreds of dollars on other coffee makers before discovering the Bunn was available for home use. Can't beat it for durability, performance and ease of use--I will never have anything else. There are three coffee drinkers in my home--we drink coffee ALL day everyday--our Bunn is always going!
Anonymous (Houston, TX)
2014-04-11 23:00:00
I would not do without one of these
Just pour your coffee in and three minutes you have coffee. Just make sure your pot is full or turn pot off if you are not going to use it in about three days.
Anonymous (Manteno Illinois)
2015-03-12 23:00:00
Bunn Bx-B home coffee Maker
The Bunn coffee maker has been a great product for me over the years. When it came time to replace the last Bunn coffee maker my co worker and I decided we did not want to make a change and wanted to stay with Bunn. We like the fact that there is a reserve to keep the water hot so that when we get to work in the morning it does not take long at all before we have fresh coffee.
Verified Reviewer (Lakewood, New Jersey)
2013-10-24 23:00:00
Great Coffee, Poor durability
This is my third Bunn. All three started leaking at the flange between upper and lower tank. The flange erodes and becomes unsealable. Best and quickest coffee around. Just plan on replacing the unit in a few years.
Verified Reviewer (Port St. Joe Fl.)
2014-06-26 23:00:00
water everywhere
I have had 5 bunn coffee makers last three have leaked the one i have now is 6 months old and has leaked for 4 months
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