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Bunn CWTF15-1 Automatic Coffee Brewer

Bunn CWTF15-1 Automatic Coffee Brewer

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Bunn CWTF15-1 Automatic Coffee Brewer
One warmer coffee brewer
Space-saving narrow design
Separate on/off switch for warmer
Front-mounted hot water faucet for tea, soup, hot cocoa, etc.
Bunn CWTF15-1 Coffee Pot Brewer
Space-saving narrow design
All stainless steel construction
One coffee pot warmer with separate on/off switch

Convenient, front-mounted faucet for on-demand hot water
Use hot water for making tea, soup, hot cocoa, etc.

This automatic brewer also includes an optional pourover feature
SplashGard filter basket deflects hot liquids away from the hand
Brewing capacity of approximately 8 pots of coffee per hour

This model CWTF15-1 uses a standard water line hookup
Brews a full pot of coffee at the touch of a button

Coffee pot shown is sold separately
Remember to get your coffee filters
Recommended - professional commercial quality water filtration system
   Choose either Inline or Quick Connect water filters

Usually ships within 24 hours

Brand: BUNN
Mfg Part Num: 12950.0293
UPC Code: 072504016627

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Verified Reviewer (Maui, Hawaii)
2013-04-24 23:00:00
Great Machine
Makes a great pot of coffee! Even use it for hot water to pour over cold pasta.
Verified Reviewer (Newtown, CT)
2014-12-16 23:00:00
Worth every penny
My wife and I love coffee. I got tired of buying a new coffee maker every year. We finally were able to renovate our kitchen and decided we would love to have a real commercial coffee maker installed. We had both worked in food service for several years and appreciated the consistently great coffee these Bunn units produced. Having instant boiling water for oatmeal and hot cocoa was also important. We made sure the upper cabinets were installed high enough to slide this unit under. This unit is my favorite part of a remodel that made many major improvements in functionality and aesthetics. 5 years later, the CWTF15 is like brand new. We love, love, love it.
Verified Reviewer (Nebraska)
2011-03-01 23:00:00
Bunn does NOT necessarily mean quality..
Within the first week of use, the on/off switch shorted out. Called Bunn, I have not seen the part yet! A couple of times it has taken 20 minutes to brew a pot. It's not reliable enough to leave on unsupervised! Thank heavens for microwaves!
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