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Cafe Delight Sugar Packets - 0.1oz Packets - Bulk Case of 2,000
Individual 0.1oz granulated sugar packets. High-grade, table-ready granular sugar packs are perfect for restaurants, coffee shops, or for the home. Sweeten your coffee or tea with pure granular sugar.
Price: $22.50
Sugar Canisters - Granulated - 20oz per Canister
Quality granulated sugar canisters. 20oz canisters of pure, high grade granular sugar in convenient sugar cans. Perfect for break-rooms and office coffee setups.
Price: $2.50
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Cafe Delight Sugar Packets - 0.1oz Packets - Retail Box of 100
Smaller 100ct box of Cafe Delight 0.1oz sugar packets. High-grade and table-ready granular sugar packs, great for office coffee service areas.
Price: $3.50
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