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Bunn EQHP-10L High Performance Water Filter System w/ Cartridge (10,000 Gallon)

Bunn EQHP-10L High Performance Water Filter System w/ Cartridge (10,000 Gallon)

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Bunn EQHP-10L Water Filtration System
Includes housing, mounting bracket, and one cartridge
Reduces odor, sediment, chlorine, and limescale buildup
Improves taste and clarity of coffee and tea
Bunn EQ-HP-10L Water Filtration System - 10,000 Gallon Duty Cycle
Enjoy consistently great-tasting brewed coffee & tea, and protect your investment. Using a professinal quality water filtration system is highly recommended for all beverage equipment that connects to a water line.

The filter greatly reduces bad odors, foul taste, and sediment in your water. Also, perhaps most importantly, it reduces limescale formation that can destroy your equipment over time.

This next generation water filtration system replaces these discontinued models:
EQ-12-TL, EQ-11-TL, ED-12-TL, and ED-11-TL
The cartridges for this system are NOT cross compatible

Designed for medium to higher volume brewing requirements
Superior reduction of sediment, taste, odor, lime, and chlorine reduction
Special scale inhibitor guards against corrosion and extends equipment life

Rated to improve the water quality of approximately 10,000 gallons (or 6 months use)
Use with larger-volume brewers like (Urn, Satellite, ThermoFresh, Dual-head brewers, etc.)
Also works with American Metal Ware, Cecilware, Curtis and other larger volume brewers

Simple and easy to change filter cartridge...
1. Quick connect valve-in-head design for quick-and-easy cartridge changes
2. A 1/4 turn of cartridge simultaneously shuts off and vents water pressure
3. Then, insert a new cartridge, twist 1/4 turn the other way, and water flow resumes

Includes all of the following:
-Head assembly with water inlet and outlet (you install this permanently)
-One (1) Bunn EQHP-10LCRTG cartridge canister (snaps into head assembly)
-Wall mounting bracket for head assembly
-Fittings for installation (3/8-in. FNPT)*
-NSF Standard 42 and/or FDacFr-21 compliance certification

*NOTE: the 3/8-in. inlet and outlet can be easily adapted for use with 1/4-in. water lines using readily available adaptors (not included).
Uses Bunn EQHP-10LCRTG replacement cartridges

Usually ships within 24 hours

Brand: BUNN
Mfg Part Num: 39000.0001
UPC Code: 072504095486
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