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Electronic Brew Control (EBC) Coffee Brewers

Bloomfield EBC coffee brewers are engineered with a modern high speedmicroprocessor incorporating many safety and convenience features, while designed to provide years of trouble free operation.

Bloomfield coffee brewers continue to feature all stainless steel construction, built-in pourover option, front mounted hot water faucet, and the exclusive patented water spreader disc.

1. Advanced & Easy to Use

The EBC coffee brewing system features an advanced touch keypad with switches and lights, plus an audible signal. The lights and signal guide you through choosing the different options for customizing your coffee brewing.

Bloomfield EBC Front Control Panel

2. Energy Saving After Hours Mode

During off peak hours your EBC coffee brewer automatically goes into After Hours mode. That means all warmer plates shut off automatically 4 hours after you brew your last pot of coffee – and water is reheated 2/3 less often.

This saves energy, provides additional levels of safety, extends component life, and reduces service requirements. Pressing the brew switch reverts back to normal operations instantly.

3. Automatic Brew Start

When you press the brew switch, your EBC brewer instantly checks water temperature. If the temperature is below the temperature you have set, the brewing cycle is delayed while the water is heated to your precise setting.

Once the water reaches the precise temperature for brewing, the brewing cycle starts automatically. Plus, your EBC coffee brewer will automatically turn-on the main warming station as soon as the brew cycle starts.

Bloomfield EBC Internal Control Dial

4. Precise Brewing Temperature

EBC coffee brewers ensure every pot of coffee you brew is performed at the same water temperature. This is very important since it eliminates variations in coffee extraction and coffee quality. The result is consistently better coffee – pot after pot.

With older style electro-mechanical thermostats, water temperature is allowed to drop as much as 10ºF before reheating. If you brew a pot of coffee at this lower temperature, coffee extraction will be lower and coffee quality will suffer.

5. Warmer Plate Coffee-Quality Timer

Each warmer plate has its own LED indicator and independent coutdown timer (20, 30, 60 minutes). When a warmer plate is turned on the countdown timer starts. Once the pre-set time is reached, two beeps are heard and the LED for that warmer plate flashes. This lets you know the coffee has been on the warmer plate too long.

6. Convenient Controls

Temperature, Water and Brew Time adjustments are conveniently located at the front of brewer.

Electronic Brew Control, EBC, Precise Temperature Brewing, Automatic Brew Start, After Hours, are Trademarks of Bloomfield Industries

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