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Pickwick Tea - Purely Peach - Hot Tea Bags - 20ct Box

Pickwick Tea - Purely Peach - Hot Tea Bags - 20ct Box

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20 tea bags are individually wrapped per box
Bright, attractive packaging with convenient front dispenser
Brew it up your favorite way - enjoy as hot tea or iced tea
The finest black tea combined with the flavor of ripe, juicy peaches is sure to please your palate

Peach Pickwick Tea

Flavored Black Tea Bags by Pickwick - 20 Count

Since 1753, Pickwick has consistently delivered a delightful selection of quality teas with enticing aromas and exquisite flavor profiles. Now a strong international brand, Pickwick offers a medley of pure and natural teas sure to please the most discriminating taste. Enjoy your favorite Pickwick tea any time - serve hot or iced.

Recent Customer Reviews of Pickwick Purely Peach Tea

Review: By Linda the Grandma from St. Joseph, MO on 2/15/2012
Mmmmm Mmmmmm. It is the best peach tea I have ever found. Most are somewhat weak, and I like a strong, full-bodied flavor. Wonderful aroma too!

Review: By Kittie D from Bakersfield, ca on 3/16/2012
Great product! If u like black teas with a bold flavor u should try this one, also if u like peaches!!

Review: By Sity from Reno, NV on 11/11/2012
Wonderful aroma with Wonderful Peachy Taste. I have a cup or two of purely peach tea every morning and every now and then. I have sweet orange just for a change of pace. They are the very best flavored teas I have ever tasted and the aroma properly sets the tone for the wonderful taste. I've shared them with so many people, I've lost count. Whenever I buy a case, I split two boxes of purely peach and sweet orange and send a split box to two friends, who share my love of tea. Often I drink a cup on air planes, and since I always carry extra bags, I usually wind up sharing and introducing the tea to my seat mates. I have yet to try the decaffeinated peach tea, but I'm sure it is equally as tasty. Thank you for making such a wonderful tea. I'm so happy to have discovered it.

Review: By n/a from Dover, OH on 12/4/2012
My Wife's favorite tea... A peach flavor above the other brands. When her supply gets low I purchace a 6 box case online for Christmas.

Review: By BIG PAPA from Savannah Georgia. on 12/28/2012
Buy the product for great tasting tea. Great for in the mornings and after meals.

Review: By tennis joannie from Sun City, CA on 1/21/2013
great service, fabulous, fruity, peachy taste. Love the orange tea also. Hard to choose. I include a box in gifts to friends.

Review: By Missy from Fresno, Ca on 3/1/2013
I'm going to buy this product again. I love this tea and can't wait to order again and the price is just right

Review: By SuzyKC from Leawood, KS on 3/19/2013
This is the best peach tea! I first had this tea hot visiting a Friend in Florida and enjoyed the flavor so much I had to start ordering it. I drink iced tea all day and this is a treat. Your company has great customer service and your delivery is prompt.

Review: By Wren from Cedarville, Ohio on 8/22/2013
Great tea!! Wonderful tea with great taste.

Review: By GWagner from Riverside, IL on 1/8/2014
I love this tea, and it is getting harder to find. Coffee Wholesale beat Amazon prices and offered a rebate to boot.
Usually ships within 24 hours

Brand: Pickwick
Mfg Part Num: 7046103056
UPC Code: 070461030564
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